ZigBee RGB+W LED-Set: 10 meters


Available, delivery time 3-5 days

Set length
Product number: ZigBee-Set-6o-10m-bund

The set consists of 2 x 5m roll of special RGB+WW tape for bright room main lighting + colour effects.

You can choose matching components:

  1. Power supply
  2. Zigbee driver
  3. Zigbee remote control (optional): FOH wall switch or FOH built-in module

A detailed overview of the options including technical data can be found below.

CCT LED strip, 2 x 5m roll
Power supply (320W class)
ZigBee driver
Optional: ZigBee wall switch for PHILIPS HUE

Each LED set consists of the components LED strip, power supply, driver and optional remote control. 

The set-up of the LED components is very simple. The ZigBee controller is connected between the power supply and the LED strip, which can then be addressed via a gateway (e.g. the PHILIPS HUE BRIDGE V2) using a smartphone or tablet. Voice control via well-known systems such as AMAZON ALEXA or GOOGLE HOME is also possible. Assembly instructions are included with the set.


Addition: aluminium profiles

As accessories, we recommend matching aluminium profiles that ensure propper heat dissipation of the LEDs and thus guarantee a long lifetime. We recommend:

PL1 surface-mounted profile or W12 corner profile

Aluprofil Pl1 MicroAluprofil Pl1 Micro


Addition: Cables & clamps

WAGO terminals and extension cables that you may need for installation can also be found in our shop.

Please also note our installation instructions and answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ.

Technical data of components


Item no. LK04-6o
Colour temperature white ca. 3.000K + RGB
CRI 95+
LEDs/m 60+60
Lumen/m 1.100lm + RGB
Width mm 12
seperable every 10cm
Voltage 24V
Power consumption 28,8W/m
Energy efficiency class (EEK) G



Item no. LED1126
Output 24V / 320 Watt
Weight 1880g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 252x90x44mm



 Item no. LK115-U8
 Output 5 x 6 Ampere
 Dimensions (LxWxH) 170x59x29mm


ZigBee REMOTE CONTROL (optional)

Wandsteuerung zigbee-foh-taster-4-tasten

 Item no. LK115-K2w
 Power supply 3V button cell CR2430
 Dimensions (LxWxH) 81x81mm building depth 15mm



 Item no. LK115p
 Power supply 100-240VAC
 Dimensions (LxWxH) 50x43mm, installation depth 16mm