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KNX Presence detector 360° with constant light control


Available, delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Product number: M-301
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Presence detector 360° with constant light control with 4 Pyro detectors, pure white matt 
 - design for ceiling mounting in the switch box 
 - extensive application 
 - 4 sensors with lens for presence detection 
 - adjustable stand-by and presence sensitivity for day, night and alarm 
 - 4 light channels, sensors can be evaluated individually 
 - 1 HVAC and 1 alarm/signaling channel 
 - short-time presence to reduce the overrun time 
 - intelligent switching function for automatic and manual operation 
 - blocking and forcing function with release time 
 - extensive day/night function with 2nd switching object 
 - integrated white LED night light 
 - orientation light function for leaving the room 
 - avoidance of false alarms for alarm channel due to reduced sensitivity and adjustable observation window 
 - range Ø: 16 m, presence Ø: 8 m