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Neon Flex LED tape - 120 LED/m - 340lm/m - 6.000K cool white - IP65 5m roll


Content: 5 Meter (€17.00* / 1 Meter)

Available, delivery time: 3-5 days

Colour temperature
Product number: LK04-30-60
Available stock: 8

  • Neonflex strip: laterally bendable
  • LED Typ: 3014 - 120 LED/m
  • Luminous flux: ca. 340lm/m
  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • Power: 12 Watt/m
  • Width: 6mm
  • Height: 12mm

Price for 1 roll = 5 meters

The NEON FLEX strips are absolutely uniform light strips where no individual LEDs are visible. This is achieved by a milky-opal silicone shell that encloses the LED ribbon. Nevertheless, the NEON FLEX strips are highly flexible and can also be bent very well due to the small width of only 6mm. The silicone cover also grants a water resistance according to IP65. 

The set also includes 25 retaining clips and 2 silicone end caps. Please order acetate-free silicone adhesive separately! Additional mounting material can also be ordered separately.

Available versions

  • 5m-Roll IP65 Water protection with silicone cover, incl. 10cm connection cable
All variants are divisible every 5cm and are available in various color temperatures (e.g. 3,000K warm white).

Notes on accessories:

To operate 5m (1 roll) of LED strips, a 24V power supply with min. 66 Watt is required. 5m x 12W/m + 10% safety = 66 Watt.

For brightness control of the 5mdriver with min. 3 Ampere is needed. 66W / 24V = 2,75 Ampere.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQ.


Properties "Neon Flex LED tape - 120 LED/m - 340lm/m - 6.000K cool white - IP65 5m roll"
Brightness lm/m: 350
Colour rendering: CRI>80
Colour temperature: 6.000K kalt
Energy efficiency class (EEK): G
Power: 12
Seperatable every (cm): 5,0 cm
Strip width in mm: 6
Voltage: 24V
Water protection: IP67 with silicon tube
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.

Suitable accessories Neonflex

Silicone: approx. 5ml
With this silicone you can seal neonflex- or normal LED-stripes in a silicone tube (IP67/68) with the corresponding end-caps watertight. This is especially usefull if a roll has to be devided into several parts. The silicone is acetate-free, thus no acetic acid is produced while curing, which would damage the electrical components.A tube with 5ml is enough to seal approx. 2-5 end-caps (depending on the size of the end-caps).
Product number: SIL01

Waterprotected cable set: 2-pin
Das Set erlaubt es in Verbindung mit Silikondichtmasse und Endkappen wasserdichte Anschlüsse für weiße LED-Streifen herzustellen. Dies ist vor allem nützlich, wenn eine Rolle in mehrere Stücke geteilt werden soll.
Product number: LK04-23d-Con2

Neon Flex - 6mm Mounting profile - 2m long
Mounting profile for 6mm NEONFLEX. The NEONFLEX can be pressed into the U-profile from above and holds there independently by friction.
Product number: AL59si2

Neon Flex accessory set for 6x12mm
Content: 25 Mounting clips 2 end capsPlease order acectate-free silicone adhesive separately!
Product number: LK04-30-Z

Silicone end cap for Neonflex LK04-30
Suitable silicone can be ordered separately.
Product number: LK04-30-EK


Power supply

Power supply HLG 24V - 5.0A - 120 Watt, extremely quiet
Switching power supply Meanwell HLG-120-24, 24 Volt, 5 Ampere, 120W Overload protection by current limitation, auto recovery protected against short circuit, overload, overvoltage built-in PFC circuit for indoor and outdoor use (IP65) adjustable output voltage adjustable current limitation Technical data:  Model HLG-120-24  Voltage 24V  Maximum power 120W  Current 5A  Adjustable voltage range 22 ~ 27V  Overcurrent protection 95...108%  Inrush current, max. 65A  Voltage input 90...264V AC (47...63Hz), 127...370V DC  Power factor 0,95  Working temperature -40...+70°C  Dimensions 2220x68x38.8mm (LxWxH)  Weight 1,120g  
Product number: LED1134


Recommended driver

Radio dimmer LK55-2 | 1 x 8A
The 1 x 8 amp driver offers only one output and is therefore only suitable as a dimmer. Due to the 8 amps, however, very powerful LED components can be connected. At 24 volts, for example, LED components up to 170 watts are possible. The driver is installed between the power supply and the LED component. It is ideally suited for small and medium installations, as well as a supplement for larger installations. The driver belongs to the LK55 series and can be combined with all dimmer remote controls available there.    NOTES: All drivers of our LK55 series remember the last setting even in case of power loss. RGBW and CCT color temperature remote controllers have no function on the LK55-2 LED dimmer.   Technical data: Voltage: 12V-36V DCPower: Power connection via external switching power supply (not included)Load: 1 x 8A Min. dim level: <1% (for RGB/W <3%)Connection: input: V+/ground, push button; output: V+/groundIP class: IP 20 Dimensions: LxWxH 95x37x20mm   Operation via pushbutton input The LK55-2 offers 2 green screw terminals on the back for a button input. For example, a simple pushbutton can be connected to this and thus control the light without radio. Short keystroke switches the LEDs on and off. Long keystroke dims the LEDs up and down. Instead of a pushbutton, in principle only 2 cables can be connected, which are then held together short or long. Video tutorial for dimming via radio Video tutorial for dimming via cable with PUSH DIM
Product number: LK55-2


Suitable remote control for driver

Handheld remote control touch wheel | 4 zones
Brightness control up to 4 light zones operateable Touch wheel for adjusting the brightness 1 Channel 3 memory keys for individual settings All remote controls can operate all drivers / receivers of the LK55 series and, if required, also the WiFi driver LK35. It is also possible for several remote controls to operate one driver. E.g. a handheld remote control and an additional wireless wall panel or several wireless wall panels at different positions in the room. If required, up to 8 remote controls can operate 1 driver. NOTICE:  The LK55 remote control for pure dimming should not be used in combination with CCT LED strips (adjustable color temperature) or RGBW LED strips, but only for pure white LED strips with fixed color temperature. Background: When dimming via you would lose all color settings here, because the LED drivers drive all outputs (RGBW or WW/KW) down or up identically. Instead, dim via the appropriate CCT or RGBW remote controls.   Technical data:  Item no. LK55FB1  Power supply 3 x 1,5V AAA batteries  Dimensions (LxWxH) 120x55x17mm   Operation:   This video explains the functions of the LK55FB1:  
Product number: LK55FB1