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Radio dimmer LK55-2 | 1 x 8A


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Product number: LK55-2
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The 1 x 8 amp driver offers only one output and is therefore only suitable as a dimmer. Due to the 8 amps, however, very powerful LED components can be connected. At 24 volts, for example, LED components up to 170 watts are possible. The driver is installed between the power supply and the LED component.

It is ideally suited for small and medium installations, as well as a supplement for larger installations. The driver belongs to the LK55 series and can be combined with all dimmer remote controls available there. 



All drivers of our LK55 series remember the last setting even in case of power loss.

RGBW and CCT color temperature remote controllers have no function on the LK55-2 LED dimmer.


Technical data:

Voltage: 12V-36V DC
Power: Power connection via external switching power supply (not included)
Load: 1 x 8A 
Min. dim level: <1% (for RGB/W <3%)
Connection: input: V+/ground, push button; output: V+/ground
IP class: IP 20

Dimensions: LxWxH 95x37x20mm


Operation via pushbutton input

The LK55-2 offers 2 green screw terminals on the back for a button input. For example, a simple pushbutton can be connected to this and thus control the light without radio. Short keystroke switches the LEDs on and off. Long keystroke dims the LEDs up and down. Instead of a pushbutton, in principle only 2 cables can be connected, which are then held together short or long.

LK55-2 Push Dim

Video tutorial for dimming via radio

Video tutorial for dimming via cable with PUSH DIM


Suitable remote control for driver

Handheld remote control touch wheel | 4 zones
Brightness control up to 4 light zones operateable Touch wheel for adjusting the brightness 1 Channel 3 memory keys for individual settings All remote controls can operate all drivers / receivers of the LK55 series and, if required, also the WiFi driver LK35. It is also possible for several remote controls to operate one driver. E.g. a handheld remote control and an additional wireless wall panel or several wireless wall panels at different positions in the room. If required, up to 8 remote controls can operate 1 driver. NOTICE:  The LK55 remote control for pure dimming should not be used in combination with CCT LED strips (adjustable color temperature) or RGBW LED strips, but only for pure white LED strips with fixed color temperature. Background: When dimming via you would lose all color settings here, because the LED drivers drive all outputs (RGBW or WW/KW) down or up identically. Instead, dim via the appropriate CCT or RGBW remote controls.   Technical data:  Item no. LK55FB1  Power supply 3 x 1,5V AAA batteries  Dimensions (LxWxH) 120x55x17mm   Operation:   This video explains the functions of the LK55FB1:  
Product number: LK55FB1


WLAN Bridge

App control: WLAN converter for LK55 driver
This converter from WLAN to the LK55 radio standard makes it possible to control the complete LED lighting via smartphone.A selection of suitable apps for Android and iOS is available: EasyLighting App for Android / für IOS RealColor App for Android / für IOS The WLAN operation is carried out in the standard via its own access point, which is integrated in the converter. This is the state of the art. In addition, the converter can also be set as a WLAN client via an integrated configuration page. This is a novelty in this device class! Thus, the converter is connected to an existing WLAN at home and provides its services without changing the network. A particularly fast integration results when the converter is connected to the existing WLAN via the built-in, classic RJ45 network connection by cable. The apps then find the converter automatically and no configuration is necessary. Technical data:  Connection: 12V DC mains input, RJ45 network jackIP class: IP 20 Dimensions (L*W*H): 110*85*24mm A suitable power supply is included in the set. Functionality of the app In the following video the app is shown in combination with the LK35 WLAN driver. However, it works identically in combination with the LK55bridge:
Product number: LK55bridge