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1-10V LED dimmer 1-channel | 1x8A


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Product number: LK80-2
Available stock: 57

This 1-10V dimmer is designed for 1-channel LED applications, such as dimming white LED strips. The receiver has a powerful 8 amp output and can thus operate e.g. 24V LED installations up to 192 watts!

The LED dimmer works with all common 1-10V controllers and potentiometers.

> Video tutorial for the installation of LK80-2

Scope of delivery:

1x Receiver LK80-2

Technical data:

Channels: 1 
Voltage: 12V-36V DC
Power: Power connection via external switching power supply (not included)
load: 8A
Connection: input (V+/ground; 1-10V) output (1xLED channel, V+)
IP class: IP 20
Dimensions: LxWxH 82x33x20mm


LED Repeater / Amplifier | 4 x 6A
This LED amplifier works with an operating voltage of 12V to 36V DC. It offers 4 channels with 6 amps output power each.   Repeaters are used when the output power of the controller is not sufficient. For example, you want to use a controller with a certain control technology (DALI, KNX, radio or other), but your LED installation needs more amperage (amps) than the controller can provide. In this case, connect the controller to a repeater and run all LED strips through the repeater.  Note: We do not recommend running LED strips in parallel on controllers AND repeaters, as this may result in brightness and/or color deviations. The basic rule is: Either connect everything to controllers or everything to repeaters.  Technical data: Dimensions: 170*58*29mmVoltage: 12-24V DCPower: 4 x 6AIP class: IP20 Note: The driver has double voltage inputs (++--). For high connected load (> 200 Watt), use our special connection cables for high connected loads (> 200 watts) in order to divide the current load between the two inputs. The large power supplies HLG-480 and HLG-600 already have double voltage outputs, so that both voltage inputs of the driver can be used directly here.
Product number: LK51