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RGBW Pixel LED strips directly controllable via DMX | 24V | 13m reel


Content: 13 Meter (€34.23* / 1 Meter)

Available, delivery time: 3-5 days

Water protection
Product number: LK11-6010b13
Available stock: 5
These digital LED strips can be controlled directly via DMX. No separate DMX SPI converter or decoder is necessary, but a DMX signal can be fed directly into the strip.

The DirectDMX LED strips are also the ideal solution when it comes to large installations with a length of several meters. Since the power supply of the RGBW pixels runs on 24V, longer lengths are possible without any problems and without the need for a new power supply. The strips are also available with an IP67 waterproof silicone cover, making them suitable for outdoor use. 

The addressing is factory set so that the pixels are addressed starting at start address 1 (color sequence RGBW). If you need a different addressing, just let us know. Optionally, you can also purchase a separate AddressWriter, which allows flexible addressing. 

Scope of delivery: 
  •  13m DMX LED strip
Properties "RGBW Pixel LED strips directly controllable via DMX | 24V | 13m reel"
IP protection: IP20, IP67
Pixel/m: 60
Power: 17
Seperatable every (cm): 10 cm
Strip width in mm: 12, 14
Voltage: 24V
LED/m: 60
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.

Accessories for DirectDMX LED strips

AdressWriter for DMX LED stripes
This AddressWriter allows the individual addressing of the DMX LED strips LK11-6010b and LK11-6010c. The DMX start address of the strip as well as an offset (to skip addresses between the pixels) can be set. A grouping of the pixels is also possible. The AdressWriter also has several test programs to test the LED strip. Powersupply via standard USB-C socket or 12-48 VDC screw terminals. Scope of delivery:  AddressWriter 
Product number: LK11-WT01


Suitable power supply

Power supply HLG 24V - 5A - 120 Watt, extremely quiet
Switching power supply Meanwell HLG-120-24, 24 Volt, 5 Ampere, 120W Overload protection by current limitation, auto recovery protected against short circuit, overload, overvoltage built-in PFC circuit for indoor and outdoor use (IP65) adjustable output voltage adjustable current limitation Technical data:  Model HLG-120-24  Voltage 24V  Maximum power 120W  Current 5A  Adjustable voltage range 22 ~ 27V  Overcurrent protection 95...108%  Inrush current, max. 65A  Voltage input 90...264V AC (47...63Hz), 127...370V DC  Power factor 0,95  Working temperature -40...+70°C  Dimensions 2220x68x38.8mm (LxWxH)  Weight 1,120g  
Product number: LED1134


Accessories for IP67 LED strips

Silicone end cap: 14mm
Suitable silicone can be ordered separately.
Product number: SAK14

Silicone: approx. 5ml
With this silicone you can seal neonflex- or normal LED-stripes in a silicone tube (IP67/68) with the corresponding end-caps watertight. This is especially usefull if a roll has to be devided into several parts. The silicone is acetate-free, thus no acetic acid is produced while curing, which would damage the electrical components.A tube with 5ml is enough to seal approx. 2-5 end-caps (depending on the size of the end-caps).
Product number: SIL01