SP107E Music LED Pixel Driver with App Control


Available, delivery time 3-5 days

Product number: LK121
Available stock: 22

The SP108 can control up to 960 pixels and many different pixel types: WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, SK6812, APA102 and many more.

The suitable app "LED Chord" is available for free for IOS and Android and connects to the SP107E via Bluetooth. Music control can then be done directly via the built-in microphone or more precisely via the AUX-IN input (normal 3.5mm jack). There are 30 different music sync effects available. The pixel LEDs can be configured as LED strips and also as LED matrix, so you can realize e.g. a spectrum analyzer.

Maximum segments (lines) of the matrix: 64 

Maximum pixels per segment (line): 150

In addition to music control, another 180 chaser effects are possible as well as precisely adjustable single colors. Speed and brightness can be changed at any time.

Setting up the driver is quite intuitive and done in a few minutes. 

Screenshots of the App:

SP107 App

SP107E App

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 x LED-driver SP107E
  • 1 x 3-pin connection cable for LED strips
  • 1 x voltage connection cable with hollow socket
  • 1 x 3,5mm jack connection cable
  • 1 x mini screwdriver

Supported LED types:

  • WS2801, WS2811, WS2812
  • SK6812, SK6812_RGBW, SK9822
  • APA102, APA105
  • TM1804, TM1814, TM1913, TM1914, TX1812, TX1813
  • LPD6803, LPD8806 
  • P9813, P943S, P9411, P9412, P9413, P9414
  • GS8206, GS8208
  • SM16703, UCS1903, INK1003, DMX512


Can multiple drivers be used at the same time in the app?

Yes, the app can manage multiple drivers at the same time. You can switch between the drivers and change the settings for each. In addition, the individual drivers can be switched on and off directly. However, there is no direct synchronization and each driver must be set accordingly. However, if several drivers have the same settings (e.g. the same effect for music animation) and then receive the same audio signal via AUX (line-in), they will also react in the same way.

Does the app have to be active for the music animation to work?

No. The app is only needed for the setup. You can close the app afterwards and also turn off the smartphone, for example. The SP107s will still react to music and sounds with light animations. The same is true for the PRESET chaser effects.

Does the driver keep its settings when it no longer receives power?

Yes, the driver can simply be disconnected from the mains. When power is applied again, it will start with the previously set animation. All settings will be kept.

How can the white LEDs be used, e.g. with a SK6812_RGBW?

The app has a separate control for white LEDs (e.g. for SK6812_RGBW pixel strips). This can be used to set the proportion of white LEDs and then, in the case of effects, the white LEDs are taken into account accordingly, so that the colors are generally desaturated. In the effects section of the app, the SOLID setting can then also be used to activate a permanently white, high-quality light, e.g. for lighting tasks, if required.

Can the SP107 also control LED matrices?

Yes, a number of pixels and a number of segments can be set in the setup. For example, for an 8 x 8 matrix then 8 pixels and 8 segments. This is taken into account in the effects accordingly if matrix is selected there.

Technical data:

  • Input: 5-24V DC, GND, AUX-IN
  • Output: VCC, GND, Data, Clock
  • current consumption: approx. 120mA
  • up to 960 pixels depending on IC type
  • ambient temperature: -20°C - +60°C
  • dimensions: 85x45x22mm
  • Weight: 40g