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LED pixel driver up to 1024 pixels for TPM2 from USB/SD card incl. remote control


Available, delivery time: 3-5 days

Product number: LK129
Available stock: 2

With this driver LED strips/matrixes with up to 600 pixels can be controlled via an output. The animations in TPM2 format are created by software (e.g. J!NX) and can either be output directly via a PC via USB or stored and retrieved on an SD card. The keys can be used to switch between the animations stored on the SD card. The sequence of the animations can also be specified in a configuration file. In this file it is also possible to define the number and color sequence of the pixels, autoplay behavior and brightness. Furthermore, up to 63 animations can be started from the SD card via GPIO pins (e.g. actuated via buttons, microdrivers, etc.).

Scope of delivery:

1x LED pixel controller ready installed in acyl housing

1x infrared remote control

Technical data:

Item no. LK129
Controllable pixels 1 x 1024
Controllable ICs WS281X / PL9813 / APA106 / SK6812 (RGBW)
Voltage input   5 VDC via mini-USB
Output 1 x 1024 pixels
Dimensions L73×W45×H15 mm

Recommended accessories

Mini USB cable 1m
Standard USB cable from plug mini-B to plug A with 1m length.
Product number: LED523musb