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Extra warm white - CRI>95 - 240 LEDs/m - 600 + 800lm/m


Content: 1 Meter

Available, delivery time: 3-5 days

Product number: LK04-9g-M
Available stock: 120

  • LED type: 2216 - 120ww+120nw LED/m
  • extra warm white & neutral white mixed
  • Color temperature: 2.200 - 4.000K
  • Brightness: max. 700 + 900 lm/m
  • Color rendering: High CRI>95
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Power: 19,2 Watt/m (real approx. 10W/m*)
  • Width: 10mm


This LED ribbon has a special color mixture that uses an extra warm white LED. While typical CCT LED strips only start at 2,700 or 3,000 Kelvin, extra warm LEDs with only 2,200 Kelvin are installed here. This warm white corresponds in color tone (not in brightness!) to a dimmed incandescent light and is therefore intended for particularly comfortable lighting moods. 

Alternately, neutral white LEDs with 4,000 Kelvin are installed next to each extra warm white LED. This means that any color temperature can be set between a deep warm white 2,200K, through the typical 2,700 and 3,000K to the neutral, elegant 4,000K.

In addition, the LED strip offers exceptionally high color rendering CRI>95 (R9 also >90). This guarantees absolutely natural colors across the entire light spectrum.

At 4,000K, the LED strip offers a brightness of 900 lumens/m. At the extra warm white 2,200K, it is then still about 700 lumens/m. This makes the LED strip ideal, for example, when it comes to indirect lighting of small to medium-sized rooms.


Available versions

  • 5m roll IP20 without water protection, incl. 10cm connection cable

All versions have a 3M adhesive tape on the back for mounting and can be divided every 5cm.


Notes on accessories:

To operate 5m (1 roll) of LED strips, a 24V power supply with min. 75 Watt is required. 5m x 14W/m = 70 Watt.

For brightness controll of 5m a controller with min. 3,2 Ampere is needed. 75W / 24V = 3,2 Ampere.


*Many LED controllers, such as our LK55 series, keep the brightness constant for CCT LED strips, regardless of the selected color temperature. This means that at a medium color temperature such as 3,000 Kelvin, warm white and cool white LEDs are not controlled with 100% each (which would mean 19.2W/m power consumption), but only with approx. 50% each. Thus the LED strips are always equally bright, no matter which color temperature is set and also the power consumption remains constant at only approx. 10W/m.

Properties "Extra warm white - CRI>95 - 240 LEDs/m - 600 + 800lm/m"
Brightness lm/m: 900
Colour rendering: CRI>95
Colour temperature: einstellbar
Energy efficiency class (EEK): F
Power: 10
Seperatable every (cm): 5,0 cm
Strip width in mm: 10
Voltage: 24V
Water protection: IP20 without waterprotection
LED/m: 120
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.