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LED panel quarter circle, 28x10cm, 7W, 490lm, 4.000K neutral white


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Product number: LP200R-30
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Ultra-flat LED panel with only 5mm construction depth. Satin finish and therefore much less sensitive to scratches and fingerprints than ordinary LED panels.

The quarter circle panels are primarily suitable for accent and decorative lighting but with 475lm (equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp) they are also sufficiently bright for lighting at least smaller rooms. For example, 4 of the quarter circle panels can be used to form a large circle with a diameter of 40cm, which can be the basis for an ultra-slim LED ceiling light, LED pendant light or LED wall light.

With their large illuminated area, the LED panels provide a very pleasant, soft light. With a high color quality of CRI>90*, it is also suitable for demanding lighting tasks, such as in the living room, office or business premises.


Mounting via supplied adhesive pad or by means of 4 screws and associated cover caps.

  • Operating temperature -20 to +40°C
  • IP20 not water protected

*Specification according to manufacturer. Randomly checked and confirmed by LED studies.

Scope of delivery:

  • LED panel incl. 2m connection cable
  • 4 screws for mounting + cover caps
  • Adhesive pad on the back for mounting without screws

Notes on accessories:

For the operation of one panel a 12V power supply with min. 8 Watt (incl. 10% safety) is required.

For a brightness control of a panel a driver with min. 0.7 Amps is needed. 8W / 12V = 0.7 Amps.

If several panels are used, you can simply multiply the specified values for watts and amps. For 4 panels, for example, a 12V power supply with 4 x 8 = min. 32 watts is required.