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LED-Module Platine 50x200mm, 2700K, 24V, WAGO


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Product number: LED218e
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The module board is equipped with 28 high-quality LEDs of the 3528 type. These LEDs are equipped with approx. 8 lumens and a high CRI (color rendering index) > 90. The whole module reaches approx. 220 lumens. Therefore they are suitable for the construction of flat luminaires by combining several modules as required. The board is designed for 24V. More information can be seen in the blog (version 1).

The boards have WAGO terminals on board, so it is very easy to connect connecting cables or connect boards.

Scope of delivery:

1x module board 24V, 50x200mm, equipped with 28 LEDs 3528 warm white, CRI>90, 2x WAGO terminals


Technical data:

Feature Parameter
Platine Material FR4
Dimensions         50x200 mm
LED type 3528, 4x 7 LEDs in row
HighCRI >90, each approx. 8lm, warm white, approx 220 Lumen in total
Voltage series resistors designed for 24V 
Power consumption: approx. 2.4W (100mA)