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WS2801 RGB LED Pixel Driver


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Product number: LED420
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The WS2801 is a special IC designed for LED pixel applications. The chip contains 3 constant current outputs for a RGB LED up to max. 50mA as well as data and clock lines for communication with a controller. A serial data protocol is used, which can be generated e.g. by AVRs in own applications. But it is also compatible with the controller for digital stripes available here in the store.

The LED pixels can also contain more than one LED. Then additional circuitry is required. To build a circuit with one LED per pixel, three setting resistors for the current of the LED are sufficient in addition to the IC. With a resistor of 30 Ohm you get a LED current of about 20mA.

The example pictures show the possible construction of a pixel board as well as the chaining of the pixels. In a larger matrix then arbitrary fonts or effects can be displayed.

Scope of delivery:

1x IC WS2801

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