ZigBee "FOH" Einbau-Modul für normale Wandtaster


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ZigBee FOH built-in pushbutton module with 4 freely assignable inputs 

Normal wall switches can be connected to this ZigBee module and thus be integrated into PHILIPS HUE. Ideally suited are wall switches with 4-fold NO contact, such as GIRA 014700.

Alternatively, of course, 2 double pushbuttons or even 4 single pushbuttons can be used.
 For integration into HUE, min. 3 button inputs are currently required, so it does not make sense to connect e.g. only one double button. At least for learning to HUE min. 3 buttons are needed. 
 The button module is "Friends of HUE" compatible and can thus be easily integrated into HUE and can use all Friends of HUE options. The function of each button can then be set in the HUE app. 
A distinction is also made between long and short presses. For example, the 2 left buttons can switch the light on and off with a short press and dim up and down with a long press. The 2 right buttons can then be assigned individual light scenes and color moods. 
The power supply is via the normal house mains (230VAC) so that a battery never needs to be changed. 
ATTENTION: The FOH touch module requires a PHILIPS HUE BRIDGE and the HUE app for integration. A direct teach-in e.g. on AMAZON ECHO is not possible. The HUE BRIDGE is always required as an intermediary.

Technical data:

Pushbutton connections: 4

RF technology: ZigBee, 2,4Ghz

RF distance: max. 30m free of sight

Powersupply: 100-240VAC

Water protection: IP20, not water protected

Dimensions: 50x43mm, Construction depth: 16mm