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230V TRIAC dimable powersupply - 24V - 75W


Product number: LK125-75
Available stock: 24

230V dimmable power supply with 24V - 75 Watt output. 
The power supply unit can be controlled on the input side with standard TRIAC dimmers (leading edge or trailing edge phase control), as used with classic incandescent lamps etc.. On the output side, it then supplies 24V constant voltage with PWM dimming, as is also known from typical LED controllers. This allows LED strips to be controlled with classic 230V dimmers. 
As an alternative to TRIAC control, the power supply unit can also be controlled via PushDim using a push-button. 

Wiring options:

LK125-36 wiring.PNG

Technical data:

  • max. power: max. 75W
  • sec. voltage: 24V
  • efficiency: 87%
  • dimming range: 1 bis 100% (depending on TRIAC dimmer)
  • PWM frequency: 3.600Hz
  • CE, MM, SELV
  • protection against: short circuit, overheat, overpower
  • operating temp.: ta: -20...+50°C, tc: +85°C Air humidity: 20 - 95%, non condensing
  • dimensions: 293*43*30mm
  • weight: 350g

Properties "230V TRIAC dimable powersupply - 24V - 75W"
IP protection: IP20
Power: 75 Watt
Power supply type: 230V TRIAC
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.