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Power supply HLG 12V - 22A - 260 Watt, extremely quiet


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Product number: LED1168
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Meanwell switching power supply HLG-320, 12V / 22A  / 260W

  • Overload protection by current limitation, auto recovery
  • protected against short circuit, overload, overvoltage
  • built-in PFC circuit
  • for indoor and outdoor use (IP65)
  • adjustable output voltage
  • adjustable current limitation

Note on the connection of LED drivers

The HLG-320-12 offers a lot of power and therefore a high current of up to 12.5 amps. If possible, use both voltage inputs on all drivers with dual voltage inputs (++--). All larger drivers usually have dual voltage inputs. It is best to order two 3-way WAGO distributors so that you can split the +/- output cables of the HLG-150 into 2 cables each, which you then run in parallel to the driver inputs. Alternatively, you can use a driver Y-connection cable in combination with luster terminals.

Technical data:

 Model HLG-320-12
 Voltage 12V
 Maximum power 260W
 Current 22A
 Adjustable voltage range 10,8 - 13,5V
 Overcurrent protection 95...108%
 Inrush current, max. 70A
 Voltage input 90...305V AC (47...63Hz), 127...431V DC
 Power factor 0,92
 Working temperature -40...+70°C
 Dimensions 252x90x44mm (LxWxH)
 Weight 1,880g
Properties "Power supply HLG 12V - 22A - 260 Watt, extremely quiet"
IP protection: IP65
Power: 260 Watt
Power supply type: HLG
Voltage: 12V
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.

Recommended accessories

Connection cable for driver with double input
Y-cable for driver with double input. This allows both inputs of the driver to be used and effectively splits the current load. 2 variants are available: 0,75mm² for connections up to 12A 1,5mm² for connections up to 25A ​Note: Due to the wide wire end ferrules on the power supply side, the connection cables do not fit into typical WAGO terminals here. Instead, use e.g. classic luster terminals.
Product number: K0910mas

WAGO 221 Terminal 2-pole
WAGO terminal: 2-fold
WAGO's new COMPACT connection terminal 221 is suitable for all types of conductors. The operating levers move smoothly, yet you have a wide range for the cross-section and a secure connection.   Technical data: Total number of potentials  1  Color  transparent  Design data according to 1  EN 60664  Rated voltage EN (1) [V]  450  Rated surge voltage (1) [kV]  4  Rated current (1) [A]  32  Connection technology (1)  CAGE CLAMP®  Ladder type 1  solid + stranded  Cross section from   0.2 mm² / 24AWG Cross section until   4 mm² / 12 AWG Ladder type 2  finely stranded  Cross section from 0.14 mm² / 24 AWG Cross section until  4 mm² /12 AWG Stripping length from   11 mm  Wiring type   Side wiring  Flammability class according to UL 94  V2  Weight [g]  2,5  Width  13.1 mm  Height  8.3 mm  Depth  18.6 mm   
Product number: W221-2

Schuko connection cable, 3-wire, 150cm, black
For all larger power supplies with protective contact leads, such as the entire Meanwell HLG series. Straight grounding plug (CEE 7/4) and open end with wire end ferrules. Notice: The connection of 230V supply lines must never be carried out under current and must be carried out by a qualified electrician. There is a danger to life here!
Product number: K12