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2m Tile LED Profile FP1


Content: 2 Meter (€11.40* / 1 Meter)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: AL34si2
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Tile profile for LED strips for installation in a tile backsplash.


This profile system has large-surface wings (20 mm wide) on both sides, which are filled with tile adhesive and thus integrated into the tile concept. The tiles are glued to the wings. 

The self-adhesive LED strip is glued into the LED profile. For excellent adhesion of the self-adhesive LED strips, we recommend thorough cleaning and degreasing of the profile insides with a cleaner such as isopropanol or extraction benzine.

After the profile cover has been clicked flush into the profile, the open ends are sealed with silicone. Then the LED profile is filled with tile adhesive to the building structure and finally connected to the LED lighting and control technology (power supply unit / controller).

The LED profile covers (opal/satin - light transmittance 65 % | transparent : light transmittance 85 %) are made of unbreakable and hardly combustible polycarbonate (classification flammability UL94V-2) and close flush.

Moisture protection

Use in wet rooms or outdoors is only possible in sealed form. Special protection against moisture and water is provided by silicone, which is applied to the joints for sealing. Absolute watertightness is achieved with LED profile systems by casting with Wepuran casting resin based on polyurethane resin (PUR).


Technical data:

Width: 57mm

height: 11mm

Width inside for LED strips: 14.6mm 

However, note the upper collar with only 10mm width! LED strips can be threaded here conditionally also diagonally but for models with IP water protection we recommend here only:

  • white IP67 LED strips LK04-28c (10mm wide)
  • white IP67 COB LED strips LK04-32c (10mm wide)
  • IP54 RGB LED strips LK04-3d (10mm wide)
  • IP54 RGBW LED strips LK04-6i (12mm wide but rounded)