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Micro DMX LED driver V2 - 7-28V - 4x2A - only 22x67mm


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Product number: LED521i2
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Based on the MY-Semi-IC MY9942 an extremely small DMX receiver (22 x 67mm) with MOSFETs as output drivers for constant voltage was developed. This board has all known advantages of the MY9942 breakout board. So the DMX address can be set by DIP switch or by solder jumper the number of used DMX channels (1-4 channels). 

Beside LED strips all LED types can be connected, which are operated with constant voltage in the range of 7 - 28V. Solder pads are provided for all connections (DMX signal, voltage, LED output). If you are interested in getting the board without DIP switches, please ask us directly. The DMX address can then be fixed via solder jumpers. This leads to a board with only a few millimeters height.

More information can be found in an article on the blog.

> Web-Calculator for setting the DMX start adress via DIP switch

Scope of delivery:

1x circuit board equipped with all SMD components and DIP switches

Technical data:

Dimensions: 22 x 67mm

Voltage: 7 - 28V (30V max.)

Current: 2A per channel, 8A total

PWM frequency: 2.000Hz

Data sheet MY9942-IC

Recommended accessories

screw terminals for Micro DMX controller
Product number: LED521i2-SK