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range extender 5V for digital LED installations


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Product number: LK118-5
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When using digital LED-stripes you can usually realise cable lengths of up to 2m, since the high-frequency signal is quickly distorted and wrong colors are displayed or flickering occurs.

This range-extender allows for cable lengths of up to 50m. 

You need a sender PCB at the controller and a receiver PCB at the led-stripe. The mode (sender/receiver) can be set through a solder-jumper.


Technical background:

The signal for digital LED-stripes is relatively low-power but high-frequency. Much data needs to be sent in a short period of time, which is no problem for small installation with short cable-lengths. But with longer cables (over 2m) especially RF-waves, power lines and other electrical devices in the vicinity can cause disturbances relatively quickly.

This range extender eliminates this problem by converting to a symmetrical signal (similar to DMX-signales). Instead of sending the signal on one line, it is transmitted on two lines. One line carries the normal signal, the other is inverted. The relevant information can be read by the difference between the two lines. Since disturbances always influence both lines equally, the information can still be read by the difference between the two lines. At the end of the cable the signal is converted back to the normal format for digital LED-stripes.

You always need two range-extenders, one at the bedinning and one at the end of the data-line.