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LED bar Y splitter cable with DC round plugs


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Product number: LB-SPT2
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To e.g. connect 2 LED Bars parallel to 1 power supply.
Input: 1 x DC round plug female
Output: 2 x DC round plug male

Accessory items

Plug power supply 24V - 1A - 24 Watt
Plug switching power supply 24 Volt, 1 Ampere, 24W Universal input insulation class II very compact design overload and short circuit proof input voltage range : 100-240V AC connection cable approx. 150cm with round plug round plug: 2,1mm inner diameter (+) and 5,5mm outer diameter (-)
Product number: LED1132

Barrel plug 2,1/5,5mm, spring terminal
Barrel plug as counterpart for DC connection power supplies or similar with spring-loaded terminals for connection cables up to max. 2.5mm², quick assembly possible   Max. current: 3A
Product number: LK19sf

Barrel plug 2,1/5,5mm, screw terminal
Barrel plug for DC power supply (or simmilar) with screw terminals for connection cables up to max. 2.5mm².Max. current: 3A  
Product number: LK19s