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KNX LED controller for DIN rail 4-channel | 4x2A


Available, delivery time: 1-2 weeks

Product number: M-200T
Available stock: 2

The wall switch can be flexibly configured to control e.g. blinds, heating, alarm modes or lighting (on/off, dimming, CCT, color). Each button can distinguish between short and long press (2 different KNX objects) and has a RGB status LED, so that the execution of control commands or the status of KNX elements can be tracked. It has a temperature sensor that can feedback the room temperature from 0 to 40°C via a KNX object. Furthermore, no external power supply is required - power is provided by the KNX bus.

Download the ETS application.: 

technical data:

- model: 2 pairs of buttons, 4 sensor surfaces
- suitable for 55mm switch programs e.g.: GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit, BERKER S1, B3, B7, JUNG A500, Aplus, Acreation, AS500, MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure
- extensive application
- the buttons are freely adjustable as button pair or single buttons
- one- and two-button operation for switching, dimming, shutter, values
- switch values/scenes with up to 4 values
- short/long keystroke with 2 objects
- four RGBW status LEDs. LED brightness adjustable via day/night object
- temperature sensor for room temperature measurement (measuring range 0 - 40 °C)
- 4 logic blocks
- Design: neutral
- Installation in switch box
- specification KNX interface: TP-256
- available KXN databases: ETS4/5
- supply voltage: KNX bus (power consumption typ. <0,5W)
- max. cable cross section KNX bus terminal: Ø0,8mm solid conductor
- IP protection class: IP20