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Intelligent NETIO sockets with network interface


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The sockets from NETIO are suitable for the intelligent control of 230V devices. The four sockets can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, a web interface or the M2M API. In addition, the devices have pushbuttons to switch each channel directly. The current status of all channels is displayed via an LED. The devices are fused on the input side with a 15A self-resetting fuse. Each channel is designed for a maximum current load of 8A and is provided with overvoltage protection.

Fully networked

The sockets can be easily integrated and controlled in a network via WLAN and/or LAN. A secure connection with SSL encryption (https) is supported. In addition, some models also allow a connection via an RS232 interface or can be connected to sensors via Bluetooth and respond to them.

Total control

Each model allows the creation and management of different users as well as a day- and time-dependent control of the channels (timer function). All models also have an IP-based watchdog function, for example to automatically restart unresponsive servers, and an e-mail notification function. With the NETIO 4All model, the consumption of the connected devices can also be monitored. Mains voltage, current, power, energy consumption (since a certain point in time) and power factor can be queried for each individual channel as well as for the entire power strip.

Remote control via M2M-API

The M2M API enables the control of the devices via the following protocols:

  • SNMP v1 / v3 e.g. for datacenters

  • HTTP CGI Post e.g. switch on/off via IP-surveillance camera

  • XML via http/https for IT-systems

  • JSON via http/https for webservices

  • MQTT for cloudservices (e.g. MS Azure)

  • Telnet for simple applications

  • SIP (VoIP) to control the device via a telephone system

  • Modbus/TCP the most common industry-protocol

Thereby, the sockets can be switched as well as the switching status of the individual channels can be queried. The model NETIO 4All also transmits the information for consumption measurement via the M2M-API. Instructions for using the M2M-API can be found in the download area of the manufacturer.

A module for controlling the sockets via the JSON M2M-API from the home automation software FHEM is also available.

Autonomous through scripting

In addition, the sockets can be programmed via Lua script, which is stored directly on the device. Depending on the model, it can react to the current consumption of a channel, the value of a sensor connected via Bluetooth 4.0 or other data, for example.

Well equipped

The versatile range of functions and robust manufacturing make NETIO products ideal for industrial applications. In addition to high-quality hardware, the European manufacturer also attaches great importance to secure software. Thus, in addition to optional SSL encryption, attention has been paid to optimal configuration of the software components, making the device secure on the network. Full CE certification means that the devices can be used without any problems. The manufacturer wants to manage the product line in the long term and attaches great importance to the backwards compatibility of new models. Thus, a permanent use is possible with given planning security.