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Corner profile ORAC C990 - 2m


Content: 2 Meter (€74.50* / 1 Meter)

Available, delivery time: 3-5 days

Product number: OD-C990
Available stock: 999

This very large, asymmetrical frieze molding draws its inspiration from the old country houses in France. Use the curved molding as an elegant reflective surface for your indirect lighting. Here we attach the longest side to the wall, which gives a higher impression. However, the strip can just as easily be mounted on the ceiling with the longer side rotated 90°. Designed by Xavier Donck. 




ORACDECOR light coves are glued to the wall with special FDP glue and to butt edges with FX glue. These mounting adhesives can be found below under "Recommended accessories".

The LED strips should never be glued directly into the coving for optimal heat dissipation and long life, but should be installed in the coving with aluminum profiles, such as our PL1. I.e. first the aluminum profile is placed in the cove and then the LED tape is glued into it. Since the cove itself is not 100% light-tight, the aluminum profiles also provide a clean light guide.

Technical data:

Material: PUROTOUCH®


Length: 2m

Recommended accessories

DecoFix mounting adhesive
The two cartridges with FDP glue are needed for mounting the ORAC light coves on the wall. The FX glue in the 80ml tube is important for the clean connection of the butt edges between the coving. You can use ORACDECOR's adhesive calculator to determine exactly how much adhesive you need: You can find more installation tips here:
Product number: OD-DecoFixMas

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