RGB-Cable 3x0,5mm², 1x 1,5mm² - gray


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This cable is specially designed for use with RGB solutions. The problem that the common connection is always loaded with 3 times the current is thus solved. In addition, the cables are kept accordingly RGB-colored and thus safe to connect.

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It can be difficult to solder the common positive wire with 1.5mm² cross-section to the sometimes quite narrow solder pads of the LED strip. 2 solutions are available here:

1. after you have stripped the 1.5mm² wire, cut off about half of the individual copper wires again at this end. The now significantly reduced cross-section of the cable is much easier to solder to the LED strip.

2. take a short piece (10cm) of wire with a smaller cross-section, e.g. 0.75mm². Solder this to the LED strip and then connect it to the 1.5mm² positive wire of the RGBW cable. For the connection, you can use a WAGO clamp or you lead both cables into a wire end sleeve, crimp it and (before!) slide a heat shrink tube over it for insulation.

A reduced cable cross-section is unproblematic for the short distance.

Technical data:

3 cores 0,5mm² | 1 core 1,5mm²
PVC (Y), unshielded according to UDE0207
Temperature range: -30° to +70°C dormant, -5° to +70°C moving
Outer diameter: 6.6mm
Max. Current load: 5 Amps per color (15A total) 
Voltage up to 24V DC

Properties "RGB-Cable 3x0,5mm², 1x 1,5mm² - gray"
Cable version: 4-core
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.
WAGO terminal 221 2 cored
WAGO's new COMPACT connection terminal 221 is suitable for all types of conductors. The operating levers move smoothly, yet you have a wide range for the cross-section and a secure connection.   Technical data: Total number of potentials  1  Color  transparent  Design data according to 1  EN 60664  Rated voltage EN (1) [V]  450  Rated surge voltage (1) [kV]  4  Rated current (1) [A]  32  Connection technology (1)  CAGE CLAMP®  Ladder type 1  solid + stranded  Cross section from   0.2 mm² / 24AWG Cross section until   4 mm² / 12 AWG Ladder type 2  finely stranded  Cross section from 0.14 mm² / 24 AWG Cross section until  4 mm² /12 AWG Stripping length from   11 mm  Wiring type   Side wiring  Flammability class according to UL 94  V2  Weight [g]  2,5  Width 2/3/5 pole 13.1/18.7/29.9 mm  Height  8.3 mm  Depth  18.6 mm   
Product number: W221mas

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