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BiColor LED panel with 600 LEDs, 50x10cm, approx. 8.500lm


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Colour rendering
Product number: LK104

  • LED type: 3528
  • warm white & cool white mixed
  • 600 LED (300 warm white, 300 cool white)
  • Color rendering: High CRI>95
  • Total brightness: approx. 8,500lm
  • Voltage: 24 Volt DC
  • Power: 80 Watt
  • Dimensions: 500x100mm

BiColor LED panel matrix with a total of 600 LEDs on an area of 50 x 10cm. BiColor means that warm white and cool white LEDs are arranged alternately and with the appropriate control, not only the brightness, but also the color temperature can be controlled continuously. With well over 8,000 lumens, this LED array is extremely bright and highly efficient. At a distance of 1m, almost 2,500 lux are achieved. Here are the photometric data:

1m distance: approx. 2.500Lux
2m distance: approx. 600Lux
3m distance: approx. 280Lux

The BiColor panels are of very high quality and robust design. They can be shortened in centimeter intervals by simply cutting them off and thus can be changed to smaller panels of any size. At each centimeter section are the corresponding contacts for a power supply. You can even make 50 small 1x10cm panels if needed. 

LED-Streifen LED Flex Matte LK104 BiColor


Notes on accessories:

For the operation of a 50x10cm panel a 24V power supply with 100 Watt is recommended.

For brightness and color control a 2-channel controller with min. 4 amps is needed. 80W / 24V = 4 Amps.

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